Types of OptimizationBusiness CategoriesTechnologyBrief Description of Use CasesSources

OpportunityAction TakenResultsSource 1Source 2Source 3

Optimize Financial Assets and CashPublicAnalyticsImplement dual pricing system for liquid petroleum gas (LPG).Indian Oil deployed Informatica, with the Vibe Data Stream and Real-Time Data Integration components. The system integrates consumer accounts across LPG companies in India and shows whether subsidies get transferred to consumers or not.Savings of $470 million a year, including $200 million a year in subsidy leakage.https://www.rtinsights.com/lpg-pricing-in-india-informatica/  

Optimize Financial Assets and CashB2B IndustrialRobots/Big Data/IoTImprove productivity enterprisewide.Rio Tinto started a seven-year project in 2007 to link all datasets from its fixed and mobile assets, starting with all of its mobile fleets. 300 to 400 sensors on its fleet of automated trucks  produce 4.9 terabytes of data a day. Rio Tinto then connected its fixed assets, including  concentrators, which are located in facilities in Australia and in the company's sister plant in Mongolia. Rio Tinto's processing excellence center aims maximize productivity and improve performance.

Productivity gains from autonomous equipment.

Longer maintenance cycles enabled by analytics.

A$18 million generated after three to six months.

Reduction in maintenance costs of A$200 million a year expected over three years.http://www.zdnet.com/article/rio-tinto-digs-for-value-in-data/http://www.techrepublic.com/article/big-datas-latest-selling-point-its-a-strategic-cost-cutter/http://www.mining.com/rio-saves-200m-a-year-using-robots-big-data/

Optimize Financial Assets and CashFinancial ServicesArtificial IntelligenceDetect suspicious activity, separate false alarms from fraud.PayPal built an AI engine with open-source tools. Human detectives train themselves to think like fraudsters and law-abiding citizens as they examine real-life cases that triggered fraud alerts. They develop scenarios for good and bad user behavior that feeds the AI program.Better discern legitimate and fraudulent buyers and sellers.http://www.informationweek.com/strategic-cio/executive-insights-and-innovation/11-cool-ways-to-use-machine-learning/d/d-id/1323375?image_number=5https://www.americanbanker.com/news/how-paypal-is-taking-a-chance-on-ai-to-fight-fraud 

Optimize Inventory and YieldB2BMobileAutomate fulfillment process.SteadyServ's iKeg sensor transmits information to cloud-based software system which feeds the order fulfillment process for beer. Distributors and retailers use a mobile app to oversee the inventory ordering process. Embedded social media tools help retailers to promote inventory.

Automated order fulfillment process.

Improved ordering decisions by collecting consumption trends.

Kept real-time inventory of draft kegs and for beers.

Reduced wastage.

Optimize Inventory and YieldB2CPredictive Analytics, Big DataImprove supply chain efficiency.Tesco analyzed how sales of different food items responded to weather conditions. It built a computer model that took account of store location, product characteristics, recent weather history and weather forecasts to predict demand. It applied similar analytics to distribution depot operations, shelf-life discounting and special offers.Saved £6 million by avoiding under- or overordering.

Improved supply chain efficiency by £100 million a year.https://www.retail-week.com/topics/analysis-how-tesco-and-otto-are-using-data-to-forecast-demand/5053784.articlehttp://www.bigdata4analytics.com/blog/tesco-saves-16million-with-supply-chain-analyticshttps://www.raconteur.net/business/big-data-tells-fortunes

Optimize Inventory and YieldPublicIoTMaintain security and reliability of water systems.Saudi Arabia collaborated with IoTsens in 25 cities to track consumers' water usage, including discriminating between different uses for the water.
Created high-quality information on water usage patterns for each daily activity of its citizens.

Will help the government to save tons of water.http://www.iotsens.com/saudi-arabia-project-watchmeter-data-logger/  

Optimize Physical AssetsPublicIoTOptimize use of employee space and reduce overhead.
The Dutch Association for Addiction and Mental Health installed 160 30MHz sensors in 100 rooms and 1,500 desktop computers to measure room occupancy. It analyzed peak times and average use and created a flexible room policy.Saved €525,000 in overhead in 2016 by reducing excess capacity.
10% reduction in desktops.

650% return on investment.https://www.30mhz.com/customer-stories/

Optimize Physical AssetsB2B IndustrialBig DataMonitor the operational and financial health of wind farm equipment.Duke Energy used Genpact to re-engineer maintenance and repair processes.
Lowered operating expenses.

Minimized regulatory risks.

Optimized capital
and operating expenditure through predictive maintenance.https://www.slideshare.net/mitchki/predictive-analytics-context-and-use-caseshttp://www.genpact.com/downloadable-content/insight/predictive-analytics-enables-duke-energy-to-cut-costs-and-better-operate-and-maintain-assets.pdf 

Optimize Physical AssetsFinancial ServicesArtificial Intelligence and Biometrics TechnologyExpand presence in India.
DBS Singapore launched India’s first mobile-only bank. It uses biometrics and AI and is paperless and branchless. A banking savings account can be opened with one-time biometric authentication and the customer’s Aadhaar and PAN card details.Helped target untapped customers.http://www.forbesindia.com/article/special/dbs-launches-mobileonly-bank-in-india-for-retail-reach/43107/1  

Optimize Physical AssetsIndustrialBig DataIncrease efficiency.More than 99% of BP's oil and gas wells around the world have sensors that deliver real-time data on production performance as well as the condition of infrastructure.

The vision is to have absolute knowledge of what’s going on in the field, so that they can predict before something goes wrong and Increased reliability of exploration and production facilities from 88% in 2012 to 95% in 2016 as measured by factors such as time lost to production stoppages.

Saved $7 billion a year since 2014.https://www.ft.com/content/16261952-6a28-11e7-bfeb-33fe0c5b7eaa  

Optimize Physical AssetsIndustrialAnalytics and Predictive ModellingImprove operational efficiency in real estate management.A decentralized business structure did not allow Dow Chemical to understand the space requirements of locations globally. It implemented a workplace management system to integrate space management, capital projects and facility maintenance.Permitted quick identification of program funding priorities and analysis of large-scale capital project risks

Increased facility use 20%.

Saved $4 million a year.https://www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/cgi-bin/ssialias?htmlfid=TIC14276USEN  

Optimize Physical AssetsB2CIoTRegulate production at factories.Hershey used IoT sensors and Microsoft Azure algorithms to improve production on a Twizzler candy line. 22 sensors on each Twizzler holding tank collected 60 million datapoints. Data from sensors allows Hershey to be more precise; it no longer has to make Twizzlers slightly bigger than the size stated on the package to comply with legal guidelines.Saves $500,000 per holding tank resulting from 1% reduction in sizing of Twizzlers.